Chelmsford Marathon conditions of entry

  1. The J’s Hospice reserves the right to change the time, date and/or venue and format of the Event and to cancel the Event, in whole or in part, without notice or liability to the Participant.
  2. Event entry fees cannot be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
  3. To be eligible for the event, all participants must complete the online entry form and pay the fee as specified for affiliated and unaffiliated runners.
  4. The organisers of the event will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the event is safe, although all participants take part at their own risk. Under the terms of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, the organisers and managers of the event cannot be held responsible for injury, loss or damaged caused or sustained as a result of taking part in this event.
  5. Only persons aged 18 years or above on race day 22nd October 2017 may register and take part in the event.
  6. The marathon is organised by The J’s Hospice to raise funds for The J’s Hospice. All participants are expected to raise sponsor money for this charity when joining this event. Sponsor forms are included in your pack, or you can set up a page on Virgin Money Giving to raise sponsorship on line. All monies raised must be payable to The J’s Hospice.
  7. The organiser is unable to accept liability for any changes to the course for safety reasons or for any other reasons that are beyond its control.
  8. The participant agrees to abide by the rules, instructions and regulations published and displayed from time to time by the Event Organisers or given on the day of the event by race marshals, officials and police.
  9. No drugs, illegal substances, performing enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind are permitted to be brought to the venue or used by any participant either before or during participation in the event. The event organisers reserve the right to refuse attendance at, or participation in the event by any persons found to have consumed or to have in their possession any drugs illegal substances, performing enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind.
  10. All participants are required to complete the personal, contact and health details form on the back of their race numbers. Each participant will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by the participant. This includes, but is not exclusive to fees from all rescue services. If you are not capable of making the decision to call the emergency services, the participant agrees that a member of the J’s Hospice or a member of the public may call for them. In this situation, the participant accepts the costs and consequences of such actions.
  11. All participants are advised to follow the training plan which will be sent with the ‘Runners Pack’ and to ensure that they are able to complete the course safely. Participants must be comfortable that they are in good health. If participants are in any doubt about their medical state, they should consult their doctor before participating.
  12. In the event of any dispute the decision of the Race Referee and Race Director is final.
  13. Participants consent to The J’s Hospice contacting them via telephone, letter or email for any matter relating to their participation in this event.
  14. The participants agree to return or call the event centre before the close of the event and report to a member of staff. Not doing so will mean that a search may be organised.
  15. The organisers, managers or any sponsors or promoters of the event may take photographs or videos of the event and participants for promotional and publicity purposes. By registering, participants agree that photographic or video images of them, containing them, may be used by the organisers, managers or any sponsors or promoters of the event for publicity purposes.
  16. The J’s Hospice will not accept liability relating to cost incurred by individuals if the event is cancelled for any reason outside its control including any incidental expenses such as local accommodation.
  17. The event organisers do not provide any insurance, whether life or medical or liability, for any illness, accident, injury, death, loss or damage that may arise in connection with the attendance at, and or participation in the event by each participant. The participant is advised to obtain such insurance themselves if required.
  18. If for some unfortunate reason participants are unable to run please let the organisers know.