“This has been one of my favourite courses. There was great support and I really enjoyed running through the countryside as it was very peaceful. I would definitely recommend the Chelmsford Marathon to other runners.”

Ranjan Nallamuthu - 10th Marathon

“I would recommend the Chelmsford Marathon to other runners. I enjoyed the route: the hills made it tough but I liked the mix of city and country.  It was well organised and well marshalled.”

Clare Dunne - 3rd Marathon

“The course was a lot better than last year – I hope it stays the same for 2016. It wasn’t the easiest marathon but a great way to reach my 100th and I would really recommend it. I hope to have raised £1,800 for The J’s Hospice.”

Paul Bridges - 100th Marathon

“It was a lovely course. I liked that it was a single lap that went through the countryside and it wasn’t too busy. The marshals and the public were brilliant. It was well planned too as it’s after the London Marathon and you can train through the summer. I would definitely recommend it.”

Simon Meecham - 7th Marathon

Thank you to Andrew Harrison who ran the Chelmsford Marathon for The J’s. He dropped by the office to give us some money – bringing his total raised before Gift Aid to a fantastic £742!

It was his first ever marathon and he thought it was really good. The finish was tough as part of it was uphill, but he really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!

Andrew Harrison - 1st Marathon

“I wanted to do a marathon while I was on holiday in England. The Chelmsford Marathon was well organised and a beautiful course but a little bit hilly. I liked the facilities in the park at the finish and everyone was nice and friendly.”

Vincent Borgonjen - 7th Marathon

“We ran the Chelmsford Marathon together last year but had to stop because of an injury. It was brilliant this year: the route was much better and we liked running through the countryside. The marshals were outstanding and we would definitely recommend it!”

Emily & Tim Knights - 1st Full Marathon

“This course would be a good choice for a first marathon. It was nice to walk from the park to the start line in the High Street as it gave you a moment to mentally prepare. Then the course was a good mix of the city and beautiful countryside. There were loads of marshals who were amazing – very friendly! – and plenty of water stations. We would definitely do it again.”

Peter Tucker 20th Marathon & Samantha Tucker 30+ Marathons

“It was a brilliant course with a lovely finish at Central Park. The route was very well signposted with ample drink stations and the marshals were excellent, cheering everyone on.”

The 100th Marathon Club

“It was a nice course and we would recommend it.”

Eleanor Draper - 212th Marathon & Dennis Draper - 199th Marathon

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