The new & improved route for the Chelmsford Marathon for 2015 looks really good, it will be a great send-off for the runners to start from Shire Hall and run down the High Street as there will be plenty of crowd encouragement to get people going.

Having a single loop this time will be a real benefit and concluding back in Central Park as we did last year will help finishers get to the line as the spectators will be able to access this area easily to cheer on friends, family and strangers alike! Not sure whether I’ll be running or watching this year, but either way it promises to be a fun event :)

Clare Worley

“I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and had just finished my first half marathon when I badly broke my leg and ankle playing football. I was told not to do long distance running again, but five years later, I saw a piece in the Chronicle about a proposed marathon in my hometown. In addition, it was being hosted by my favourite charity: The J’s Hospice.

I was in Johnathan Whiffin’s class all through The Cathedral School and have some very fond memories of him – especially him winning the egg and spoon race at Sports Day! I’m delighted to be able to do something to help raise some more money for such a fantastic cause.”

Nick Pettifer

“My role as a manager in Thurrock Council, school governor in two schools, strategic lead for the Thurrock Food bank and founder of an organisation that provides mobile Sunday school and youth church for disabled children and young people made me think that I’d never find time to run, but I’ve found the more you do the more you need to run. It’s so therapeutic.

As new runners do, I’d subscribed to every magazine going. I found the events section in Runner’s World and then I found you guys and I’m so glad I did. Thanks J’s for stepping out and fulfilling your dream so that thousands of us could fulfil ours.

I didn’t know what to expect from a marathon and to be totally honest by the end of the second lap round the park at a pace I clearly wasn’t used to I was looking for an inconspicuous exit point.

Once I got sensible and let my pride down and let people pass me I found MY pace and went to 5, to 10 and at 12.5 hit the wall even with the gels! Thanks so much J’s for the gummy bears.

The fact that the elite runners were now on the way back was somewhat disheartening until I realised that a marathon is the best display of human spirit I had ever experienced among so many people. It was the ‘elite’ runners that spurred us ‘end of the pack’ runners on. Thanks J’s for the reminder that the world still has great people who do greater things… all of you, the elite runners, the residents of the villages – especially the children and the elderly – the drivers in the cars and the paramedics.

Thanks so much to the awesome Marshals. They remind me of the Olympic Games makers… they really made the marathon amazing and for runners like me helped me to from mile to mile!

When you get to marathon stage you don’t run to tell others you finished, you run to prove to yourself that you can do it…the decision to finish was easy, the last 3 miles weren’t. I was no. 918 and it took 5 hours and 59 minutes. Thanks clock for the 43 seconds that kept me in the “under 6 hour batch”!  I say this not to gloat at those who had gone over 6 hours, but to confess my over-confidence at clubbing with the 4-5 hour batch at the start of the run…

I felt compelled to express my appreciation for a day I’ll never forget and the chance to reach the pinnacle of my journey from fat to fit. My colleague said it would be good to use Chelmsford as a practice run for London. No way! Chelmsford was the real deal! It might be The J’s first, but as it was also my first and I had such a marvellous marathon I’m in awe of the job you’ve done. Thanks J’s for all your dedication, commitment and sheer hard work.

I have been the Youth Pastor of a large church youth group for over 16 years and we have lost 2 wonderful young people to tragic physical ailments. I so value the work the J’s Hospice does because there is a point in time where you don’t know what to say or what to do, but it is so crucial to support from people who know what you’re going through. It is a privilege to support the J’s Hospice and be given the opportunity to experience one of the best days of my life.”

Temi Fawehinmi

“I took part in today’s marathon and just wanted to congratulate you all on an amazing 1st event. I have to say, your volunteers and marshals were out of this world for an event like this. Not only were they in abundance number wise but they all had smiles on their faces and offered great encouragement. I put on local triathlons and know events are only as good as those who help out and they all did you proud today. Marshals often go without thanks but they deserve a special mention when you get the chance. Thank you to all!”

Dan Philpott

“Big thank you to all the organisers, marshalls, volunteers and the cheering masses for putting on a great event. I really enjoyed it and am already looking forward to next year!”

Lee Mallett

“Just have to say a big thank you to all the people of Chelmsford who came out in their droves with their jelly babies to cheer on all us runners. It was a great boost. Marshals did a great job too.”

Gerry Greenwold

“Thanks for a lovely day out and for this welcome addition to the local event calendar. Hopefully next year the Hylands Park loop will be the length it was supposed to be, removing the need for the third small loop, but overall the marshalls did an amazing job of routing people around a fairly complex course, while cheering us all on and dealing with meandering pedestrians. Nice goody bag, medal and t-shirt. Look forward to next year!”

Rosemary Close

“What a great day, admittedly I did get a pb. Yes it was a bit confusing at the finish but I would like to say a massive thanks to all the Marshalls. You were all very supportive and actually looked like you wanted to be there. Thank you!”

Kirsha Mason

“Huge well done to my daddy for completing the #ChelmsfordMarathon in 3hrs 50mins! Not bad for an old man 😉 haha #proud

Kirstie Lamb

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