Training Zone

Welcome to our brand new Chelmsford Marathon training zone! Courtesy of RunFit Essex, you now have access to essential advice that will help you prepare for the marathon, including training plans and more!

*NOTICE* RunFit Essex will be holding a marathon specific running group focusing on speed. If this is of interest they will continue with one session a week, giving you the opportunity to increase your speed and meet other runners along the way! Please contact RunFit Essex at for more information.

Please choose your training plan below:

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RunFit Essex

RunFit Essex are run by UK Athletics Qualified Running Coaches with over 30 years of running experience. We have helped a range of runners with tailor made training plans, 1:1 coaching as well as group sessions.

As running coaches, we can design a personalised training program based on your current level of fitness and your future goals. By regular communication, your individual training plan will always be up to date and adjusted to you as an individual. We will keep you on track throughout your training and each week you would get a new plan sent to you which has taken into consideration unexpected meetings at work (which meant 1 missed training) or unwell children (again, one or more training sessions that had to be cancelled that week).

Using the correct technique when running can help prevent injuries as well as improve your running form. During a 1:1 coaching session we would    help you make sure you are getting the best out of your running.

Running a marathon is a huge archievement and worth all the effort. Having completed various marathons and half marathons ourselves, we know the training involved and the setbacks you might encounter along the way. If you have a questions, please feel free to drop us an email!